Alexa Debuts New Skills Kit Developer Console in Beta

Christine Persaud

Published: 02/20/2018 10:04:07 AM EST in Industry

Alexa Debuts New Skills Kit Developer Console in Beta

A new Alexa Skills Kit developer console has launched in beta, providing a streamlined experience for businesses to create, manage, and publish Alexa skills.

The new developer console makes navigation easier with an updated user interface and incorporates improvements based on the Skill Builder and Test Simulator (beta) as the default experiences for building custom interaction models and testing skills, respectively. Companies can take advantage of the beta now to edit an existing skill or create a new one.

Based on feedback, the company has improved the site structure and information architecture. The developer console beta organizes skill tasks into build, test, launch, and measure phases, each of which is easily accessible from the top navigation as shown below. Use the left navigation to choose specific steps within each phase, and to configure account linking and permissions for your skill.

The Build page provides a visual interface for creating intents, slots, sample utterances, and the dialog model. These components are the next iteration of the skill builder.

The Test page allows you to interact with your skill using voice or text, and to test single utterances, multi-turn dialogs, and device renderings. These capabilities are a native part of the new console.

Use the Launch page to preview how your skill will appear in the skill store and prepare it for submission. When you are ready to submit, the page displays common validation errors and guides you on what actions to take to resolve the errors before you submit. It also allows you to create and publish private skills for use with Alexa for Business. Previously, publishing private skills required the use of the Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface (CLI).

You can now navigate to the Measure page directly from the developer console. In addition to statistics on sessions, unique customers, and utterances, it includes new cohort analysis that you can use to visualize customer retention and engagement metrics of your skills over time.

Additionally, use the redesigned console to create a new skill or to edit most existing skills. There are some features not yet supported in the developer console (beta).

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Alexa Debuts New Skills Kit Developer Console in Beta

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