Adobe Experience Cloud Targets Automotive Applications

Frank Lenk

Published: 09/12/2017 10:50:39 AM EST in Frank Lenk

Adobe Experience Cloud Targets Automotive Applications

Adobe Systems Inc. has announced new analytics, personalization and advertising capabilities in its Adobe Experience Cloud, focused on delivering "unique consumer experiences" in automotive settings.

Adobe is touting its new services for auto-makers and in-car app developers. According to Adobe, "customer data across various touch points can now be leveraged to inform different types of content." This includes things like personalized playlists, on-route recommendations and audio ads.

Several new car-oriented capabilities are being added to Experience Cloud, including:

  • Extended measurement capabilities in Adobe Analytics Cloud, allowing brands to capture behavioral signals (such as voice interactions) in the car, and merge them with data from other channels "in order to deliver truly personalized experiences." Integration with machine learning in Adobe Sensei will allow automated analysis.
  • The ability to optimize and exploit "data insights" in Adobe Marketing Cloud, allowing brands to "design, manage and serve contextual and engaging experiences such as music or news content on in-car screens." Adobe Target will allow creation of "content variations" in the car. Adobe Campaign will provide "a delivery platform for in-car messages in any format, enabling regular one-on-one personalized engagement with drivers and passengers." One example might be tailored audio messages for new-car owners.
  • Targeted buying of audio ads within Adobe Advertising Cloud, as part of its "cross-channel" capability. Advertisers will be able to personalize in-car audio ads, or a listener's favorite artists and music genres. Ads can be retargeted across other channels such as video, display, search and social media.

Adobe notes that "the ten largest automakers in the world" already use Experience Cloud "to deliver delightful customer experiences." Adobe will continue working with these companies, and with "ecosystem players" such as the open source Automotive Grade Linux project.

"In the automotive industry, we expect that digital experiences will soon become more valuable than the car itself, opening up new revenue sources and pushing brands to become true experience businesses," said Amit Ahuja, Vice President of Emerging Businesses, Adobe Experience Cloud. "With consumer expectations at an all-time high, content has to be informed with data insights to satisfy individual preferences. As the connected car garners more attention, Adobe gives brands the tools to be exceptional no matter where they engage the customer."

Adobe notes that, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US consumers spend an average of 55 minutes per day behind the wheel. Could this be the ultimate captive audience...?

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Adobe Experience Cloud Targets Automotive Applications

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