8 of the Wackiest CES 2017 Pitches So Far

Christine Persaud

Published: 01/02/2017 07:00:01 AM EST in Electronics

8 of the Wackiest CES 2017 Pitches So Far 5.Emotech Olly

Thanks to the popularity of the Amazon Echo and now Google Home, everyone is trying to jump on the smart home assistant bandwagon, and offering some kind of differentiating feature. In the case of Olly, it's a "personality." In addition to the robot being able to listening to your requests, providing relevant answers or performing tasks, and learning over time, Olly will also develop its own personalized based on its owner's moods and preferences. There's little detail thus far about how that works - will Olly go grab you a beer or glass of wine after suspecting you had a tough day, or just had a fight with your significant other? Probably not. This is another one where a demo might paint a more believable picture. Olly will be on display in the South Hall.

6.GameSir M2 GamePad

Gaming is another big area for CES, and mobile gaming is on the rise. With a campaign now on Kickstarter, the GameSir M2 works with iOS devices. Snap an iPhone, iPad, or iPod onto the Gamepad holder, which serves as a remote, and start playing. Apple-certified, it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect, and comes with the free GameSir Apps GameSir World for downloading supported mobile games. It's set to sell for US$99.

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8 of the Wackiest CES 2017 Pitches So Far

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