6 Things You Absolutely Must See at CES 2020

Christine Persaud

Published: 01/09/2020 03:09:07 PM EST in CES 2020

6 Things You Absolutely Must See at CES 2020

If you're at CES 2020, you might be stuck in meetings, in your own company's booth, in a suite offsite, or a myriad of other places. But if you have some time to walk about the show floor, here are 6 things you absolutely need to take a look at.

Samsung Sero

One of the most talked about displays at the show, the Sero won't be for everyone. But it solves the problem of trying to watch vertically-produced content on the big screen. Rather than have to watch it in a tiny window with black bars on either side, you can physically rotate the TV and watch in portrait mode. The TV rotates in kind when you physical turn a compatible Samsung S10 or higher smartphone, or press the rotate button on the included remote to do it manually. Sero, which literally means "vertical" in Korean, also has NFC so you can tap a Samsung phone to the side to instantly transmit content to it, along with AirPlay support.

Sony Vision S Concept Car

Yes, you read that correctly. Sony has made its own car. It is just a concept vehicle right now, designed simply for bragging rights to show what Sony can do. But it is a fully functioning car that can be driven today. An electric vehicle, it showcases plenty of Sony technology and 33 sensors including LIDAR and ultrasonic. It can use facial recognition to automatically set your preferred seat position and even your entertainment when you sit down to drive. And of course it features Sony 360-degree audio.

LG Dual Screen Phone

It isn't new, but if you haven't yet seen it in person, it's worth checking out LG's Dual Screen phone which is the company's answer to foldable devices. It's essentially two smartphones that can click together to expand the screen real estate. You can view a large photo, run two different apps on each screen, or even, as demonstrated in the video below, use a virtual controller on the bottom screen for gaming.

Samsung Ballie

It's like your own personal BB-8. The Samsung Ballie is a personal assistant that can follow you around at home like an anxious child. Except it's designed to help you. It has built-in AI capabilities, a camera that you can tap into to see what's going on at home with pets, kids, or potential intruders, for example, and a mobile interface. If you're in the Samsung booth, also check out the Bot Chef, a concept product that consists of robotic arms in your kitchen to help you prepare meals. It can grab things from those tall top shelves and even make eggs! Also take a look at the Wine Cooler Cube that is stackable and modular and using energy efficient thermoelectric cooling.

Scosche Baselynx Modular Charging System

While not as big and flashy as the other items on this list, this wireless charging system is more practical than eye-catching. But it's worth a look because of the neat modular design. There are four charger types - a vertical stand for tablets, a flat Q1 charging surface for smartphones, an Apple Watch charger, and an endcap with a PD and USB-A port. Buy them individually (Apple Stores will sell a bundle) then click them together in a row to create your own customized charging area for the home. There are small and thoughtful details as well, like a raised bump on the flat charging surface so a new iPhone camera won't come into direct contact, and the ability to lift up the Apple Watch charger so you can view the smartwatch screen on a nightstand while lying down. It currently comes in white which each charger selling for US$40-$60, and it's coming soon in black, too.

Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig

Originally launched in limited markets in November 2018, since the pilot program was so successful, this device has now been redesigned and is back. What is it? The product of a collaboration between Keurig and Anheuser-Busch, it's a small home appliance that keeps cold refrigerated water and CO2 and can accept different mixed drink and cocktail pods to serve up drinks. It works just like a Keurig coffee machine: add water, pop a pod into the slot and close it, place your glass on the dedicated spot, push a button, and wait a few seconds. The pods come in more than 24 different flavours, including hyper-concentrated mixes of popular drinks like Moscow mule, cosmopolitan, and margarita, and in tubes of 4 for US$16 ea. The machine itself sells for $299. For those concerned about the environment, the pods are recyclable through a partnership with Montreal-based Loop, which will break down the PET plastics. Sadly, because of the tight regulations, it isn't yet available in Canada.


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6 Things You Absolutely Must See at CES 2020

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