5 Interesting Products From CES Unveiled at CES 2020

David Susilo

Published: 01/06/2020 04:43:01 PM EST in Sound

5 Interesting Products From CES Unveiled at CES 2020

What a year! Once again at CES Unveiled, the event is filled with products that are still in the pre-prototype stage (read: vaporware), including ones that have been "introduced" several years in a row but haven't yet gotten to their final stages of development. But amidst the sea of innovative but aspirational products were a few interesting ones.

Omron Complete

The de-facto brand for medical-grade (FDA-approved) testing equipment for EKG, blood pressure monitoring, TENS, and many others, is releasing Omron Complete. The unit is a blood pressure monitor with EKG capability in a single device which (again) received FDA clearance as a medical device. This means the unit can be used to detect the possibility of Afib, bradycardia, tachycardia, and sinus rhythm. It syncs with Omron's Connect mobile app. This medical-grade device can be purchased for a mere US$200.

Olive Smart Ear X

The company Olive Union released a super affordable hearing aid for US$300. In the world of $5,000-$6,000 hearing aids, the $300 price is akin to a drop in a bucket. Users only need to buy the unit, run the calibration app, and upload the calibration values to the Smart Ear X and they can use the unit(s) without the need for the app anymore. The stereo version is in the works and an estimated price range in the US$500-600.

Targus Cypress EcoSmart

An eco conscious backpack from Targus is made of 26 recycled water bottles reducing the quantity of petroleum materials needed to make the bag. Furthermore, the bag includes a side pocket for a mobile phone that is fully equipped with Qi charging capability so you can keep your mobile device charged on the go. I'm contemplating buying this bag so I can keep my phone sufficiently charged on the go without the need for separate portable chargers. Price is TBD.

Cleer ARC

A new headphones category is here! You've heard about in-ear, over-ear, on-ear, and bone conducting categories. This is an out-of-the-ear category where you wear it similar to a bone conducting headphone but there are actual drivers shooting sound to your ears. This means you can safely hear your surrounding (when you're jogging, riding a bike, etc.) and at the same time, enjoy less compromised audio performance than you would get with a bone conducting headphones.


They are cute, they are chatty, they can sing, and they can talk. Most importantly, they can teach your kids language, math, geography, music, and many more educational topics. There are 65 modules included and you can choose from three different languages: English, Spanish, or Mandarin. For US$200, these cute robots might even complain if you put them upside down or shake them. They are totally adorable.


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5 Interesting Products From CES Unveiled at CES 2020

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