2015 CES Adds Personal Privacy & Cyber Security Area

Christine Persaud

Published: 10/22/2014 08:39:37 AM EST in Electronics

2015 CES Adds Personal Privacy & Cyber Security Area

The 2015 International CES will feature a new exhibit on Personal Privacy and Cyber Security, which will showcase personal cyber security products and systems, like smart wallets and safe payment apps.

The new marketplace, presented by the Gold Identity Federation, an alliance of industry, government, and academic partners who have come together through the International Academy of Science, will focus on technologies that help to protect consumers, and will serve as a place where attendees can learn about the newest technologies and strategies they can adopt to protect their information online. There will be information on how service providers are joining together to replace the ineffective username/password system, as well as how users are accessing private accounts with a simple PIN, sharing encrypted files in the cloud, blocking lost devices and more.

"As we all embrace the convenience and ‘always connected' powerful capabilities of our electronics devices, our privacy and security take on even more importance," says Karen Chupka, Senior Vice President, International CES and Corporate Business Strategy, CEA. "We developed the Personal Privacy and Cyber Security Marketplaces to highlight companies and organizations who are developing advanced solutions to stop identity theft, fraud and other cybercrimes. We are excited to experience these new innovations designed to protect our personal information."

Major exhibitors located within the Personal Privacy Marketplace include Vysk, Hyprkey, iWallet, Private Internet Access and Silent Pocket. Both the Personal Privacy and Cyber Security Marketplaces will be located in CES Tech East, in the South Hall (S1). Companies interested in exhibiting in the Personal Privacy Marketplace can contact Oleg Burdo at oburdo@CE.org.

The 2015 International CES will run January 6-9, 2015, in Las Vegas.

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2015 CES Adds Personal Privacy & Cyber Security Area

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