We sent out 2.7 million newsletters last year

John Thomson

Published: 05/25/2018 03:10:19 PM EST in

I just received a report from our newsletter mailing service informing me that we sent out 2.7 million newsletters by email in 2017. That breaks down to about 53,000 subscribers emailed each week for 52 weeks, give or take. If I mention anything to do with gun laws and my frustration toward the NRA, I will lose subscribers. The same goes for religion and politics, (sometimes I can't help myself).

If I mention my kids or anything family related, I will receive on average a 35% bump in personal email responses from our subscribers - usually women. When I write about stats and the direction tech is heading, subscribers will forego emailing me, but there is a 43% higher likelihood they will forward the newsletter to a colleague. To anyone who has sent me a note after receiving a newsletter - Thank you! We do this week in and week out to build a sense of community and nothing is better than getting a comment - even when it is critical (but I hate seeing unsubscribes).

Our 2.7 million newsletter-sends is a drop in the bucket compared to the 50 billion emails from over 100,000 different senders to more than 2 billion different recipient addresses that our host company Sendgrid sends out each year. Sendgrid tells us that the aggregate open rate for a newsletter sent is 18% (that means of your total newsletter subscribers, on average 18% actually open the newsletter). Our open rate is 27.5%.

Of the average 18% that open a typical newsletter, 2% will actually click on something when reading. Our click rate is 3.6%. I think the trick to a newsletter is to send only one per week as we have now for four years in a row. I'm sure if I was sending you an email everyday you'd hit delete and unsubscribe very quickly. Actually, I'd unsubscribe too!

When analyzing the data from 50 billion emails sent, Sendgrid has discovered that 55% of recipients view a newsletter on a mobile devise compared to 45% viewing on a desktop. The aggregate gender break is 47% men to 53% women as newsletter subscribers (for retail services the numbers change to 42% men to 58% women).

Sendgrid can also tell the top inbox providers used to read email. In Canada 37.9% of recipients have a Gmail account, 20.8% have Hotmail and 6.8% have a Yahoo account. Of the top 25 Internet countries, Gmail is the #1 inbox provider in every country except Russia (mail.ru) and the Republic of Korea (Naver). In both cases, Gmail was second. In India, 82% of all email addresses are Gmail.

The Sendgrid stats while staggering at 50 billion emails sent last year, are too a drop in the bucket to the roughly 269 billion emails that were received and sent each day in 2017. So our little number is a mere spec of dust to the big picture but we are still thankful that you let us have a chance to send you a weekly note. For that we are truly grateful.

As always, many thanks for reading.

John Thomson



We sent out 2.7 million newsletters last year

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